About Us

My dancing journey began at 5 years old. I started ballet at Dubarrie School of Dance and took my first exam in July 1989. After this I increased the range of dance styles to include Tap, Modern, Musical Theatre, and Gymnastics obtaining qualifications in each discipline, Ballet, Tap & Modern


In 1992 I moved to the Simone School of Dance and took part in a dance show at Solihull Library Theatre. I was involved in a variety of routines which included Tap, Ballet, and Gymnastics. During the summer of 1992, while on holiday at Haven in Lyme Bay, I won a talent competition with my dancing which resulted in me taking part in the national championships later that year. In 1994 I left Simone School of Dance and took a year away from dancing due to health reasons.


In January 1995 I moved to the Galleon Dance Centre, this school had a wider variety of dance activities and I was able to expand my range to include Ballroom, Freestyle, Latin American, Line Dancing, Rock n Roll, and Salsa. During my time at the Galleon Dance Centre.

My passion lay in the freedom of Freestyle. It inspired me to further my skills and knowledge so I started to compete. This was a fantastic experience and one I grasped with both hands. I took part in solos, pairs, and team in Freestyle, but also competed in Rock n Roll, Slow, and Street. I retired from competitions at Dancer of the Year in Filey, where I came fifth, at the age of 17.


After finishing college I auditioned to become a Butlins Redcoat. I spent 2 seasons at Minehead performing in shows, doing children’s activities, and character work. When the 2nd season ended I decided to take my dancing even further. I asked Christine Wright to become my mentor and gained my Associate Freestyle (highly commended-91 marks) on the 20th of July 2003.


I began to teach with Chris at the Galleon where I lead the rosettes and the bronze classes. This really helped with my ability to break down moves and adapt routines to the ability level of the classes. It also taught me how different ages need different ways of teaching. I continued to further my career and took my Associate Rock n Roll (highly commended-92 marks)

In the summer of 2006 I was asked to teach dance at a performing arts camp in Pennsylvania, USA. Whilst there I choreographed my first stage show. Teaching in the USA was amazing and taught me valuable skills. It also meant I grew in confidence and creative ability. Seeing pieces that I had created, taught, and costumed made my desire to teach and create shows even greater. This gave me the drive and confidence to move from Chris.


When I returned home I left the Galleon after 12 years and started teaching at JenniBee Dance with Jenni Blake. This was a show school where I was able to expand my knowledge and ability. After 2 years teaching there I became 2nd in the school and took on more responsibility, got more creative control, and taught more lessons, especially advanced and adults. During my 5 years at JenniBee Dance, Jenni and I put on 5 shows at Solihull Arts Complex and the Crescent Theatre. We took part in the Birmingham Tattoo as part of the UK disco display team where I created our schools routine. In 2011 JenniBee Dance closed and I decided to follow my dream to open my own school. On the 2nd of September 2011 Feel the Rhythm School of Dance opened.


There are over 30 students in the school at this time ranging from 3 years old to adults and we are continuing to grow. I have created and my dancers have performed team show routines at Birmingham University as part of their Fusion Festival. This was a 5 minute flash-mob routine using different dance styles from various countries including, Soca, Ballet, Scottish traditional, Carnival etc.


The highlight of my career so far came in early 2013 when my school was invited to perform at the Birmingham Hippodrome. 30 of my dancers performed 2 original pieces with bespoke tracks. In addition to this, I designed and hand-made all of the costumes. Then school has performed 4 shows at the Dovehouse Theatre. All classes have between 3 to 6 dances showcasing their abilities. I have choreographed and produced 4 shows so far-FTR showcase, Dancing through the decades, Broadway and Feel the music and dance. After the exams I am working on a show with a weather theme.


The school has become SEN inclusive. I have students with a variety of needs – Autism, ADHD, Hearing impairment, visual impairment, Bell’s palsy, epilepsy, juvenile arthritis. I would like to expand the school to include wheelchair users.


My future school aspirations are to grow and to perform in London and Paris. My personal goals are to become an examiner, to encourage and mentor dancers to become teachers themselves so that they can follow their dreams.

I also wish to gain my Associate Latin American. I would like to work with other teachers to give them more in depth knowledge and awareness of teaching students with additional needs.